Principal : Gillian Eales

0118 957 5105

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A safe and enjoyable learning environment for puppies.

Gillian Eales - Principal

Gillian Eales has over 30 years experience of training dogs and teaching classes. During that time she has moved from traditional training methods, through lure and reward methods to clicker training, being convinced of the better results obtained from kinder, reward based, methods.

She started training and instructing classes at the Reading and District Dog Training Club where she still teaches and where she is now club chairman. In 1990 she joined Canine Education as a professional instructor and since 2003 has owned and run Reading Puppies which she has developed into a successful and thriving business.

Gillian was one of the first trainers in the country to use Clicker Training in her classes, changing to this method in 1996. She has constantly furthered her knowledge by attending numerous seminars and residential workshops. Gillian is also an Agility Club approved instructor and takes classes and competes in this popular dog sport.


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