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Socialisation and clicker training for puppies under 18 weeks old

At Reading Puppies, the emphasis is on problem prevention as we believe that prevention is kinder than cure. Each course is aimed at helping owners to understand their puppy, to build a sound relationship with it and to avoid the development of behavioural problems. All methods that we use are simple, positive and reward based.

The classes will include socialisation with people and dogs, handling exercises, grooming, manners and basic obedience including sit, down, stand, loose lead walking, and come when called, all using clicker training. We will also advise you on dealing with and preventing problems.

All methods that we use are simple, positive and reward based. Puppies can attend from 1 week after their first vaccinations with your vet’s consent. Each course is six weeks long and costs £75. This includes a clicker and a class workbook. If you have 2 new puppies in your home and want to bring them both on the same course it only costs £60 for the second puppy.

The classes are held on Tuesday evenings at St. Mark’s Church Hall, Cranbury Road, Reading, RG30 2XE.


For more information on our courses please phone the principal, Gillian Eales on 0118 957 5105 or email

Your place on a course can only be assured once we have received your application form AND payment and depends on availability.

Please note that once a course is closed, course fees are NOT refundable unless a replacement can be found.
Email if you have any questions
For puppies over 18 weeks old we recommend Reading & District Dog Training Club
For behavior problems we recommend Philippa Short at Animal Friend
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